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To View and purchase our latest range of accesories please click on the link below


GutterVac, Tubes, Carbon Fibre, Anodized Alloy or Conductive Suction Tubes Accesories and Componant Parts

A full range of replacement componants and accesories always available. The prices supplied are for replacement parts for Omn-GutterVac owners some parts carry a premium for non system owners

We regularly custom make parts to carry out particular tasks should a standard accessory not be available to meet your requirements

4200 Watt GutterVac 3 x 1400 watt  Ametek motors each with a separate IP rated switch, 100mm inlet at entrance to the GutterVac to help eliminate blockages reduced to accept  51mm for the super-light hose. Holds 78 litres DRY 55 Litres WET. Weight 29Kg  595.00 + Vat 

Click to purchase110 volt  GutterVac http://www.omnipole-systems.com/guttervac/OP-GV110Volt.html

Click to Purchase 240 Volt GutterVac http://www.omnipole-systems.com/guttervac/OP-GV240Volt.html

Your Choice of Suction Tubes 

Carbon Fibre, Anodized Aerospace Alloy or Conductive Alloy  http://www.omnipole-systems.com/search/for/guttervac/page/2/

15 Metres of 51mm Super-light  reinforced suction hose 120.00 + Vat

Click to Purchase Suction hose  http://www.omnipole-systems.com/guttervac/OP-Vachose15mx50mm.html


To purchase online please visit www.omnipole-systems.com 


Vacuum  Hose Trolley

Pressure washer fully installed into vehicle complete with water storage tank - various size tanks available specification to suit vehicles GVW.

Full range of commercial Pressure Washers designed to be used with our range of PowerPoles

Choose from Hot or cold models with either diesel or petrol engines

New design alloy gutter nozzle kit with 14" nozzle to dig and suck deeply into down pipes

replacement price 45.00 (Discount available for Omni- GutterVac Owners)

Please ask when ordering


Rectangle head with flexi head for commercial gutters

Oblong Head replacement price 5.95

Taper head with flexi head for domestic gutters

Taper Head replacement price 5.95

Round head with flexi head for removing objects from large gutters etc. This is perfect for removing the vast amount of balls often found inschool gutters

Round Head replacement price 5.95

Complete set of nozzles and 2' segment .supplied with all systems The orange heads are push fitted onto the blue flexi tubes.

Blue flexi hose in available 1' segments 19.95 - 2' is supplied with system

Extension flexi tubes and all shape spare heads are available separately


Anti static flexi tubes and heads are black in colour Please telephone for cost


PowerPole and accessories


High Pressure PowerPole shown with a range of interchangeable accessories


The high pressure powerPole is available in any height up to maximum of 48'

Stainless steel scrapper to use with PowerPole to help remove posters, paint, concrete droplets etc.

Support pole to be used when two operatives are needed to support high pressure jetting at heights above 30'

Broom thread adaptor used with PowerPole to hold a wide range of acessories ie: Scrubbing Brushes

Aluminium Gutterspike to be used with gutterhook and PowerPole to loosen roots and break up impacted soilage in gutters prior to jetting or vacuuming. replacement price 21.00


Collet adaptor and standard end plug- used to connect accesories to no.3 or no. 4 sections of PowerPole.

ledge and sill extention  choose from 2' 45 degree  2' 22 degree 4' 45 degree or 4' 22 degree to enable powerpole accesories to reach over wide ledges".
High pressure flexi with quick connects to accept high pressure jets to enable high pressure jetting with PowerPole at difficult angles. Bottom picture shows Gutterhook, Spike, and jets (Accessories be used in any combination)"

Gutter Hook  50.79

Set of five high pressure jets 29.95


Gutterhook with Gutter Spike to break up impacted soilage

Gutterhook with Colour Coded High Pressure Jets also shown - Gutterhook, Gutter  Spike and Extension to break up impacted soilage deep into downpipe etc.

Gutterhook plus extension complete with colour coded quick connects  high pressure jets to enable high pressure jetting of gutters, down pipes etc..



Straight high pressure fitting quick connects to accept high pressure jets for use when using PowerPole when jetting brick, stone, graffiti etc. "

Hard surface Cleaning brush with twin high pressure Jets

Scrubbing Pad holder PowerPole

Email: - Omnipole@btinternet.com
Tel: - 020 8405 6781/2      

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