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Gutters direct rainfall away from buildings to protect the outer skin of the property together with the foundations. Gutter cleaning helps avoid costly repairs and roof damage. Gutter systems should be ideally thoroughly cleaned twice a year.
The Omnipole GutterVac system revolutionizes the method in which gutters are cleaned.


Firstly a survey can be carried out using the Omni-Cam at heights up to 20 metres to establish the areas of guttering that require cleaning, a recording of the survey both before and after the clean may be made and replayed directly from the monitor to show interested parties or the survey recording can be imported onto a computer and a DVD burned.  The DVD may then be passed to your client and stored for future reference. The Omni-Cam survey will if you wish record other problems with the building structure that could not otherwise be seen without scaffolding or ladders for example missing roof tiles and pointing, loose brickwork etc.


above photo PH Cleaning Services

above photo DLM Services Ltd    Generator and GutterVac in operation

The Omnipole Gutter Vac is fast to setup and is supplied with both a commercial head and a domestic head to allow the cleaning of different size gutters. Special

sized or angled heads can be built to order.

The GutterVac is available in either 110 or 240 volt versions and is supplied with 15 metres of lightweight reinforced hose to enable a wide working area thus cutting down the need to move the equipment. The GutterVacs telescopic suction tubes are constructed from hard anodized aerospace alloy for strength and lightness up to 16 metres high. The suction head is simply run along the length of the gutter to remove debris.

To remove heavily impacted soilage, rooted saplings etc. it may be necessary to break up the debris into manageable sizes with the gutter spike, the gutter spike is operated by attaching it to the PowerPole that is supplied as standard with the Omni-Cam, Pressure washing system and our Omnipole window cleaning systems.
POWER: - the GutterVac has three independently operated 1400 watt motors you simply use the number of motors needed to remove the type of debris. 100mm inlet manifold to help prevent blockages.


High Pressure washing at height is easily performed using the PowerPole pressure washing system. Gutters, down pipes, cladding, soffits, brick and stonework are cleaned at heights up to 12 metres. Even high level graffiti can be removed! A verity of pressure jets is supplied to tackle different cleaning needs.
Begin gutter cleaning by vacuuming out leaves, sticks, mud, pine needles, and other debris that may be clogging gutters and spouts. Attention should be given to clearing the drain outlet so any water in the gutter system is removed prior to pressure washing.

Clean the length of the gutter with a pressure washer taking care to avoid splattering mud and grime in the process. Work toward the drain outlet as you power wash away dirt and debris. Specially designed pressure washer attachments allow high areas to be cleaned with no loss of pressure.
If water fails to drain freely from the gutters during power washing, obstructions in down pipes must be cleared. Applying water with increased pressure may force water through the debris clogging the down spout. If flushing fails even at higher pressures, in extreme cases a plumbing snake can be used to clear the clog from the bottom up. As a last resort, disassemble the spout and clean it directly.
Thoroughly rinsing gutters with clean water from top to bottom completes the gutter cleaning process. Gutters are left clean, functional, and ready to channel water away.

The high pressure PowerPole is supplied with a choice of maximum pressure options. The most popular pressure power choices are 1800 psi (125 bar), 2200 psi (150bar) or 3000 psi (200 bar).

A full range of commercial pressure washers are readily available to meet our customerís requirements including Van, Trailer and Omnitrolley mounted units.
The range of accessories available for the High Pressure PowerPole enables a multitude of cleaning tasks to be carried out.

Comprehensive Gutter & High Level surface cleaning and Surveying system
complete with generator and pressure washer and accessories available at a special package price.

Email: - Omnipole@btinternet.com
Tel: - 020 8405 6781/2               

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