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high Pressure PowerPole with The New Wall Crawler 


Buy online at www.omnipole-systems.com

Simply the best extending high level pressure washing lance in the World Solar panel cleaning, Power Washers of North America, Professional Pressure W
Omnipole are very proud of their "Built to Last"


Constructed from Hard Anodized Aerospace alloy the PowerPole is designed and built to work at pressure cleaning in tough environments.

The PowerPole has an extensive range of Quick connect accessories to tackle a wide variety of high cleaning tasks

Look after the PowerPole and it will never let you down ,

Many customers that have had more than a decade of regular cleaning use from their PowerPole

Gutter & High level Washing + System up to 20 metres high*
Pressure wash gutters, concrete, stone, cladding and remove graffiti and posters.
Commercial hot or cold pressure washers teamed up with the High Pressure PowerPole tackle a wide variety of high level exterior cleaning tasks.
12 volt low pressure washing/spraying equipment option.
Purified water “makers”

*low pressure washing up to 20 metres-
high pressure one man 13 metres -two man high pressure tandem pole 16 metres

low pressure washing - removing algae - No chemicals were used!

High pressure PowerPole with straight jetting attachment



Powerpole with quick connect accessories -

Tools are changed in seconds!


11hp 15 litre per minute 3000 PSI pressure washer with reduction gearbox

Using PowerPole with GutterHook and jetting nozzle

Pressure washing with
long standard lance

Pressure washing with
  standard lance

One of our customers Van mounted diesel powered pressure washer linked to an 800 litre feed tank.

We supply professional  hot or cold units

Powered by Diesel or Petrol

Kubota, Isuzu, Honda

Low speed, Low Noise  Isuzu units a speciality to cause no disruption to sensitive areas

Telephone to discuss your needs specifications and price.

Quick connects ensure tools can quickly be changed to suit the job

Gutter & High level pressure washing is easily performed using the PowerPole Washing + System up to 16 metres (50’)
A wide range of high or low pressure add on accessories are available to tackle many exterior cleaning tasks. PowerPoles to access the areas to be cleaned with height of your choice. The Aerospace alloy telescopic PowerPole is designed so that  sections may be  removed to lighten the load when not needed to reach the height required. Add on sections are available to be purchased separately.

Quick Connects and Accessories available for the PowerPole:-

Cladding and substrate cleaning twin jet brushes + fittings.
Gutter spike -for breaking up impacted soilage.
Stainless Scrapper—for removing concrete droplets, posters etc.
Gutter hook - for pressure washing gutters and down pipes.
Range of Ledge and sill extensions– to allow cleaning over ledges.
Camera mounts.
Scrubbing pad holder + pads.
Window cleaning brushes + fittings for water fed window cleaning.
Window cleaning fittings for traditional window cleaning.
Hanging basket watering spout.
Broom thread adaptor to hold a range of tools eg. Light bulb changer.

Omnitrolley 50 or125 litre 12 volt sprayer for wfp window cleaning, chemical spraying, vehicle washing etc.High pressure washing omnitrolley available in all popular engine and pump sizes.

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Email: - Omnipole@btinternet.com
Tel: - 020 8405 6781/2                   

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