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Welcome to the Cleaning at Height Vacuum Cleaner range from Omnipole Systems Ltd

High Level Vacuum Cleaning In The Workplace

Creates a clean healthy working environment in all types of workplace

Less air pollution

A clean and safe working environment

Compliance with laws and regulations

Improved quality of the finished product
More effective production
Economical management of resources and waste
Improved production uptime
Improved energy utilization

NEW Compressed Air powered ATEX Approved Range

230 or 115 Volt Electricaly powered

Working At Height vacuum cleaning

  • Safely, Quickly and Economically Clean beams, canopies, ledges, girders, ceilings, signage


  • No Scaffolding, Mewps and Access Towers required


  • Save with the little or no factory downtime

    Select from our HighReach range of machines :-

    Model Power and Dimensions Maximum Height


    1000W 53 litre per second

    Height 760 x 345 Diameter

    30 litre tank


    40mm Hose

    up to 30'
    HighReach 2000

    Very powerful and economical

    2 x 1000W 6360litres airflow 106 litre per second

    Height 900 x 440 Diameter

    60 litre tank


    40mm Hose

     Up to 45'
    HighReach 3000

    Cheaper alternative machine to our GutterVac 4200

    2 x 1000W 115 Volt 6360 litres

    3 x 1000W 230 Volt

    Height 1000 x 440 Diameter

    90 litre tank


    40mm Hose


    Up to 52'
    HighReach 4200

    our most popular professional use gutter cleaning machine

    We recommend using the GutterVac 4200 with a 6Kva generator to achieve the maximum cleaning power

    3 x 1400 W 115 or 230 Volt

    8460 Litre per minute

    141 litre per second

    suction lift 2200mm

    Height 930 x 570 Wide x 700 Diameter

    55 Litre wet capacity

    78 Litre Dry capacity


    50mm Hose


    Up to 65'
    HighReach Backpack

    supplied with 8 piece floor tool range as well as HighReach tool


    Perfect for public building high level cleaning of canopies,  ledges, beams, ceilings as well as outstanding floor cleaning capabilities

    1200 Watt Special AMETEK Adventek Motor which uses 10% less power to produce 20% more power.

    120" Lift

    9.5 litre cloth bag. HEPA Filter


    38mm hose

    Up to 60'
    ATEX Compressed Air HighReach Vacuum cleaners for industry

    Variety of models available to meet the demands of combustible dust, potentially explosive dusts such as composite industry and chemical industry. Liquids, industrial waste, powders,course particles etc.


    The ATEX Vacuum model is selected to meet your application as well as the compressed air consumption

    Up to 60' +


ATEX approved industrial vacuum cleaners
Protect yourself from combustible dust and flammable liquids with field-proven explosion proof vacuums
The Omnipole  industrial vacuum cleaners includes a wide range of ATEX certified portable vacuum cleaning systems, for use in areas where explosion hazards exist and capturing of combustible dust.
Our heavy duty ATEX industrial vacuums are supplied with PE or PUR anti-static hoses and are compliant with Gas Group II C (the highest class). The PVC or standard PUR hoses are only compliant with gas Group II B. The ATEX approved products are all made of conductive and antistatic material, to comply with the ATEX directive 94/9/EC, and can be used in explosion hazardous category 2 and 3 areas


Omnipole's HighReach InVac


 Your Choice ..... complete range of

ATEX Approved air powered

115 Volt

230 Volt

Backpacks, and Tub Vacuum Cleaners with a wide selection of tools to enable the cleaning of  all surfaces whilst safely standing on the ground.





Ideal for high level cleaning in

Aerospace, Automotive, Factories, Paper Mills, Bakeries, Shopping Malls, Airports,  Rail and Underground stations, Schools etc.

The Omnipole range of HighReach vac's are available to reach heights up to 52 (16 metres).


Vacuum at Height Backpack InVac

90 Litre twin 1000 watt HighReach InVac

26 Litre 1200 watt 115 volt HighReach InVac

Bannana Brush

Small Swivel horse hair brush

The Swivel brushes unique design ensures clean surfaces at all angles



When cleaning ceilings with no support aid  we recommend a  maximum height of 36’

We have for  hire a Special pneumatic telescopic mast system for working directly overhead cleaning ceilings etc up to 50’ high

Email: - Omnipole@btinternet.com
Tel: - 020 8405 6781/2                   

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