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Omnipole GutterVac  History

Inventors of the Gutter Cleaning Vacuum 

The Omnipole GutterVac Gutter Cleaning Machine originally called the Omni-Vac was created following a chance remark by a London Underground Engineer in the early hours of a November morning in 2001.

Cleaning Contractors PH Cleaning Services were contracted to clean the high level windows, frames, glazed domes, together with the stone, brickwork and cladding to the platforms of Gloucester Road Underground station using the Omnipole Window Cleaning cleaning system.

Glyn Howard a partner in PH Cleaning and MD of Omnipole (UK) Ltd was on site with PH staff together with London Underground personnel when the supervising engineer said how good it would be to be able to remove accumulated debris on ledges high above the platform and escalator area, from this chance a remark a prototype Omni-vac was created and the rest is history.

Over years the GutterVac has been field tested and developed into the revolutionary system it is today.

Cleaning of Gloucester Road Underground Station carried out using Omnipole Poles and only purified water

Our original design OmniVac - GutterVac - Now greatly improved.

Now you have the choice of f Anodized Aerospace Alloy

, Conductive Alloy    Carbon Fibre Suction tubes

Partially Cleaned Cladding

Partially Cleaned Brickwork

Partially Cleaned Brickwork

Cleaning of Cladding (sorry for quality of Photograph).


To view the whole omnipole range http://www.omnipole-systems.com

Email: - Omnipole@btinternet.com
Tel: - 020 8405 6781/2      

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